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    BASIC EDITING N30, 000 for 3 months.

    • These courses will help you reach a comfort level when working with basic features on editing software. By the end of this section you will have gained understanding of how to edit videos, and how to work with editing dialogue as well.
    • 1) Editing Fundamentals
    • 2) Building on the Fundamentals
    • 3) Essential Graphics

    Advance Editing N50, 000 for 3 months.

    This section focuses on diving deeper into some core Premiere Pro skills. You will feel comfortable working with projects that include multi-camera and action scene editing. You’ll also learn how to color correct and grade as well as create things like title sequences with effects and transitions.

    • 1) Multi-camera Editing
    • 2) Action Scene Editing Techniques
    • 3) Color Correction and Grading
    • 4) Essential Sound


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