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God's Engineering is AQ's most important album
God’s Engineering is AQ’s most important album

AQ has been around forever, from the underground rapper with a big mouth to a label executive and music mogul, AQ’s success story is one of the most interesting stories in the music industry, His abilities were never in doubt and he was always respected by his peers, but AQ truly entered Hip Hop hall of fame when he released his 10th studio album, GOD’S ENGINEERING on March 20th, 2020 under Cordless entertainment. The wait for GOD’S ENGINEERING was quite a long while, AQ is know for frequently releasing albums, in 2016 he released Rose, in 2017 he released Blessed forever, in 2018 he released the joint album with loose kaynon Crowns, so when there was no new release in 2019, Fans were left asking what was wrong.

THE BACKSTORY- God’s Engineering

God’s Engineering was the album to mark AQ’s rebrand, AQ had gone from being a regular rapper to being a Music Exec and was instrumental to the success of Blaqbonez. This album was the transition from AQ the rapper to Gilbert “AQ” Bani the Music exec who happened to also be a Rapper.
AQ initially started recording the album after releasing Blessed Forever but AQ said it was not sounding right because he had not gotten the right concept, until he was in a train in London on executive duties. AQ also revealed he recorded the Album in two(2) weeks.

God's Engineering is AQ's most important album
God’s Engineering is AQ’s most important album


The Songwriting on this project is very detailed and articulate, AQ tells his story on this album, his verses and lines were properly aligned and make so much sense when you put them together so you understand everything he is saying and get insight into how he thinks and how he approches situations. The Story telling on this album was very prominent, interesting and brutally Honest. Records like Intro vert gives you insight into Gilbert Bani’s personality, Records like Eggrolls and Men slept, Jesus wept, AQ talks about his journey from were he was to his recent successes, triumphs and even battles.


The production of this album was handled primarily by Beats by Jayy who sadly passed away in November 2021. Motolani Alake stated in his review for God’s Engineering that ” The album rides a ridiculous brand of Hip Hop Production “. What Beats by Jay did on records like “Nepa” is elite.


The best moment on this album is the first verse of “Men slept, Jesus wept”, AQ is bullish, angry and pained, he taps into all this emotion and goes on a rampage, addressing important issues like MI putting him on, Him putting Blaqbonez on, Him creating the Cyphers, The reason he obliterated vector, after vector claimed he put AQ on. This Verse had everything, very detailed backed up by razor sharp flows.


Men slept, Jesus wept


God’s Engineering was met with positive reviews and was critically acclaimed. It went on to win the Best Rap album at the 14th headies award cermony. God’s Engineering was the completion of what AQ had started on Rose and the crowing glory of AQ’s journey. it is AQ’s most important album till date.

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