FOR fighters to accompany lethal Fulani herders back to a local area in Ogun State from which they were prior ousted and afterward to openly whip individuals from that local area for expelling them essentially bums conviction. Have the individuals of the South West currently become slaves on their dads’ property? Have we at last been vanquished and involved?

It is absolutely marvelous. It is devilish. It is malevolent. It is unsuitable. What amount more gore, butchery, savagery, abuses, and embarrassment are the individuals of the South West expected to take? Fighters are whipping our kin like canines in the road to reestablish those that are murdering, assaulting, and injuring them?

Is our Army a Nigerian Army or a Fulani Army? Are the Fulanis better than all others? It is safe to say that they are exempt from the laws that apply to everyone else? Is the Presidency a Nigerian Presidency or a Fulani Presidency? For what reason do they generally stand up with regards to executioner herders and never for their casualties? It is just when you have met somebody whose entire family has been assaulted and butchered by Fulani herders that you will know or appreciate what is happening in the South West.

It has become a day-by-day event.

They have captured, mutilated and butchered conventional rulers, financial specialists, lawmakers, senior legislators, ranchers, artisans, speakers, instructors, understudies, craftsmen, unadulterated water venders, market ladies, stylists, the rich, poor people, ladies, kids thus numerous others, including the excellent girl of Baba Reuben Fasoranti, the head of Afenifere.

For Miyetti Allah, the ACF, the NEF, or any other person to state that the Fulani “own all the land in Nigeria” and that we are “being provocative”, “pounding the drums of war” and “requesting a second considerate battle” by requiring the capture and ousting of the executioner herders and lethal hooligans from our territory is annoying and provocative.

Just the oblivious, fearful and clueless talk that way. Just those that are furtively behind the slaughter, that benefit from it, and that sent the herders to release fear on us can express such things.

The Constitution doesn’t concede the Fulani or any other person the option to submit murder in Nigeria or to transform the South West into their slaughtering fields. The Constitution doesn’t view Yoruba blood as being less expensive than others and neither does it recommend that the Yoruba public are to be dealt with like conciliatory sheep and executed freely.

Some Yoruba chiefs need to be president or VP in 2023 and are, hence, arranged to stay silent and endure this refusal that is being never really individuals. I’m not one of those pioneers. Nothing in this world can make me exchange the blood and lives of my kin. Nothing will make me choose to disregard their sufferings or double-cross them.

As far as I might be concerned, my kin starts things out and legislative issues or political practicality comes a removed second. I will talk reality regardless of the results, regardless of what it costs me, and regardless of whose bull is gutted.

Also, truly Chief Sunday Igboho, Governor Rotimi Akeredolu, Afenifere, Professor Akintoye, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, SOKAPU, the Southern and Middle Belt Leaders Forum, SMBLF, and the wide range of various people and bodies that have taken a stand in opposition to the lethal exercises of the herders in the South West and somewhere else are correct.

Also, those that have upheld or endeavored to excuse the criminal conduct of the executioners for the sake of apparent sensitivity or political convenience are slippery, bold, and flippant.

In the event that you are a Yoruba man and you need to be president or VP I wonder whose issues will you manage and who will you lead or address at the public level if all your Yoruba individuals have just been slaughtered?

Before long we will begin calling the colleagues and quitters out by name. You double-cross your own only for help, acknowledgment, and advancement from Northerners though no Northerner deserving at least moderate respect will actually sell his own kin out for you? Nothing could be more inexcusable than that.

Shakespeare composed ‘quitters kick the bucket ordinarily before their demise’ and Soyinka composed ‘the man bites the dust in him who stays quiet despite oppression and treachery’. They were both right. The man has passed on in such a large number of our chiefs today and an opportunity to stand up is currently. We as a whole need to follow Igboho. Nothing more will be tolerated. A lot of blood has been shed and such a large number of lives have been taken by these herders in the South West and somewhere else. They slaughter in the North, the Middle Belt, the South-South, the South East, and wherever else and they do it without regret and with the complete exemption.

Harmony cherishing and decent Fulanis are welcome in the South West yet those that slaughter, take, assault and annihilate should leave and they should be dealt with by the specialists. On the off chance that this doesn’t occur expect a lot more Igbohos to ascend.

The Buhari organization is complicit in these wrongdoings and in this ethnic purging, mass homicide, and destruction. I state they are complicit on the grounds that they have would not incapacitate the culprits, capture them or deal with them notwithstanding the way that it is their established obligation to do as such.

They have neglected to keep up peace and to secure the lives and property of the Nigerian public and they proceed to spoil and support the executioner herders.

The Presidency no longer represents the Nigerian individuals except for just for Miyetti Allah and the Fulani herders. This is a misfortune of fantastic extents and regardless of what they state, they won’t ever change.



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