On To be Honest”, Simi blends soothing vocal with beautiful melodies to create a nostalgic and sonic experience. Across 11 tracks, Simi is able to find a balance, the songwriting, vocal performances, production all blend in to create the perfect mix, a sonically and topically cohesive body of work. You just can not “NOT” love this album.

On this album, Simi opens herself up to the listener, gives the listener a peek into herself and her life from the beginning to where she is right now, with this album, fans have a clearer understanding of who she is and where she is, now we know she keeps her circle real tight, she sings on loyal “Its okay if I only have four people, as long as them be sure people”, now we know the effort she puts in to creating the music, on story story she sings ” anytime you hear me sing song way you like, you know say me don write am five or six times”.


The album kick off with the introspective and reflective “Story Story“, Simi talks about her humble beginnings as a gospel singer and early challenges with her sound and her style not being suited to the mainstream, her disdain for nine to five jobs and how she cracked success.


This is an excellent album opener, Simi reveals her vulnerability and carries that energy into “Born again“, the energy in the delivery of this record is one of the elements that make it stand out, she . “Naked Wire” is such a beautiful record, Simi sings about her good at loving her lover is.


Loyal” is a powerful record, Simi enlists Headies nominated Fave as they discuss the Importance of Loyalty in friendships and the disdain for fake love.

Fave delivery is on another level, she brutally destroys this record, She compliments Simi soothing vocals with her powerful vocals, I dare say this is the best song on the album and it definitely deserves visual treatment.


Ozedikus does a madness with the percussion and kicks, Simi and Adekunle Gold discus the complexities and the imbalance of life Simi sings “Good man suffer, but bad man get plenty money”.


On “Logba logbaSimi is in high spirits, she rides on this groovy beat as she convinces her lover to spend on her, Nigerian babes will definitely love this one. On “Easy” Simi implores listeners to go at life easy, Simi expands more on the points she made earlier on “Balance” and “Loyal” on the second verse of this record.


No Joy” is an outstanding record, early contender for Headies record of the year, beautifully written and masterfully produced, Pheelz continues to scare me, this man is a monster. This record addresses haters, bad minded people who desire to see other people fail.


She also speaks on how the internet and social media has given a lot of people the platform to project their bad energy, she sings “na Instagram give you this kind mind”, if you follow Simi on Twitter, you will understand the state of mind was in when she created this record, she gets a lot of hate on Twitter from a certain delusional Stan base, tapping into that situation and creating art from it is why songwriters like Simi deserve their flowers all day, everyday.


Simi comes across as a very confident woman that knows how much she is worth, why wouldn’t she be, she is Simi, one of the greatest and talented female acts of her generation, and she is extremely beautiful too, on “Temper“, she expresses confidence in herself, she boasts about her recognition on the international space and the quality of her music. On “Nobody“, Simi affirms my thoughts, she knows her worth and would not settle for less than what she wants.


She sings ” if you’re not the one for me, baby you’ll see that you are replaceable “. On “Love for me“, Simi expresses her gratitude to the most high, this record closes this amazing body of work.

Closing remarks

Its hard to spot any flaws in this album, The album ticks every box, the Production is A1+, songwriting, vocal performances, engineering, all A1+.


Topically, Simi touches diverse topics, she talks about Love, Friendship, Self worth, Gratitude and her journey, on this album, she is more open than she has ever being.This is a cohesive body of work created to give the listener an enjoyable experience.


The length ensures you can never get bored listening to this album, you are always tempted to play the songs several times before moving on to the next. This album will definitely age like fine wine. “Loyal“, “balance” and ” logba logba” have all have Hit potential.

To be Honest, this album is a great album. I love this album, anybody who listens with an open mind will too.

Toprise Global rating-5/5

Written By: Philemon Jacob

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