Prince Osibote, President of the Oodua Peoples Congress alerts legislators against fanning the coals of ethnic division.

The beginning of each emergency brings forth scoundrels and legends. The depiction of these players typically follows what side of the story one underpins. In this way, one individual’s legend might be another’s a scoundrel and the other way around.

Since the discussion encompassing the battling issues normally power the rise of hardliners with profound conviction, there is no refuting that when the restricting gatherings go to the public space tossing detestable criticisms at one another, they have arrived at a final turning point, looking for just something single the end of the foe.

On various occasions, the Oodua Peoples Congress (OPC), working allied with protectors of privileges of other ethnic identities has cautioned that those on the controlling wheel of the boat of the Nigerian state be more aware of the glaring hazards.

That was numerous years prior before the Founder of the OPC, the late Dr. Frederick Fasehun had to ascend with regards to the privileges of the Yorubas, a reason to which he stayed submitted and enduring till he took his final gasp.

In spite of the fact that Fasehun endured numerous hardships including imprisonment by the military legislature of the day, nothing was as tragic as the injustice from his past comrades who tumbled to the trap of colossal monies offered by amazing government officials to break the strength and homogeneity of the OPC.

Fasehun was always truly unable to recuperate from this deadly wound to his underside.

It is because of the smooth and urbane nature of some certified Yoruba heads of various fronts, and gatherings of the like psyche for the aggregate government assistance of the South-west, including the OPC have resisted the urge to panic notwithstanding incitement, picking rather seek after legitimate methods for tending to wounds on her kin.

The heartbreaking demise of Chief Moshood Abiola, the accepted victor of the June 12, 1993, official political decision, while in the authority of the Federal Government was a major smack on the essence of the Yorubas, however after the underlying fierceness of the apprehension that followed the information on Abiola’s passing, Yorubas advocated strategic protection from the military tyranny that saw the development of this suffering period of vote based system.

Though comparable events in Nothern Nigeria prompted the development of Mohammed Yusuf as head of the revolutionary Islamic gathering Boko Haram, which has obtained a reputation as the riskiest fear-based oppressor bunch in West Africa, liable for the passings of 40,000 individuals and the seizing of in excess of 1,000 youngsters in Northeastern Nigeria.

In the Niger Delta, volunteer army bunches took to grabbing, financial harm, and killings to enlist their dissent for a more justiciable climate and remuneration for the individuals.

In recent years, particularly since President Muhammadu Buhari expected force, Fulanis have become a law unto themselves, unleashing devastation on various pieces of Nigeria, especially in the Middle Belt and the South West.

Driving Yorubas like the previous Secretary to the Federal Government, Chief Olu Falae, and Pa Reuben Fasoranti have endured fluctuating levels of misfortunes in the possession of supposed Fulani pirates. Nonetheless, their agony was to a great extent broadcasted as a result of their prominence.

The significant misfortune, which happens consistently is the wanton murdering, damaging, assault, installment of payment, and abduct of vulnerable Yorubas and different clans on their territory by supposed Fulani raiders.

This wanton disorder has proceeded unchecked for quite a long time, with a few Yorubas elderly folks and gatherings settling on unyielding decisions for mediation from the concerned security offices. There are reports which propose that instead of going to their guide, our security organizations indecently favor one side with the Fulanis.

As opposed to a retreat to viciousness, Oodua People’s Congress will keep on pursuing legitimate roads of tending to this inappropriate test to a quiet presence on their own dirt.

We don’t need another common war!

As the colloquialism goes “Eni Sango ba toju Wole – koni bu Oba ko so,.Papa to ba gbo ago church ko ni duro”

Our whole security framework should be updated. , and our legislators should stop their wild way of politicking.

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