If this project dropped in 2020 or early 2021, we would have let its obvious flaws slide. Naira Marley found a formula that worked well in the past, A great groovy beat with profane and vulgar lyrics, virtually everything he has released since his infamous run in with the law in 2019 has followed this template, this had made him Nigeria’s most predictable artiste.


The purpose of this album is simple, make an album filled with singles that can shake up the streets and the clubs, those singles will go on to do Great numbers and hence, A successful album, what Naira and his team(if there is a team) failed to understand is a successful album doesn’t make it a Great album.

Those that expected him to switch it up with this album(this writer included) have being left very disappointed.
Listening to this album, you just feel like you have listened to that particular song before, “Drink alcohol like its water” sounds like an Up tempo attempt of “PXTA”, “O’dun” is just “Coming” that features Zinoleesky, nothing sounds fresh or feels New, just the same old vibe.

This album could have been experimental, but Naira stuck with his same old tactical approach, the same manner he goes at his singles is the same way he approached this album and that is a big problem, a problem that Davido has also had in the past.

It just seems like Naira made 11 New songs he thought could become all Hit songs, what he needs someone to inform him is multiple hit songs do not make great albums, and that is the situation here. Naira sits deep in his comfort zone and makes no attempt to get out of it, constantly repeating and overflogging the sound and topics.

This album is an ear sore, It’s not just worth anyone’s time. The painful part of it is Naira Marley can actually make a Good album, he has enough in his arsenal to make one, if Naira had pushed himself a little harder in the songwriting department, he could have had a couple of good songs on this tape, if he had attempted to be more diverse.

This album was delayed too long to be such a disappointment like this, so why exactly was this album delayed, the quality of the music is way below the bar.
It also seems Naira is comfortable with his Stan base who will readily swallow anything he throws at them and that comfort is the root problem of the disappointment that is this album.

Attempting to analyze the tracks one by one is off no use, Yes, there are a Handful of Promising records here and there, but they are overshadowed by how bad the other songs are, “OWO” is a love song to Money, if money had a mouth, it would vehemently reject and dispise that record, “Modinat Kai” is Horrible record and that doesn’t tell the complete story.

“Jo dada”, “Ayewada”, ” Drink alcohol like its water” and possibly “Melanin” can all become Hit songs, but as long as this album is concerned, it is a terrible offering.

TopriseGlobal Rating- 1.5


Written By: Philemon Jacob

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