With you” and “Ski” are two of this writers favorite records of 2022, not necessarily because they are amazing records, they just stuck for no exact reason leaving this writer desiring a full length project.

Aptly titled, Khaid shows Range and explores genres on this tape, his comfort zone is of course Trap, he sings “I remember I just want to trap in the studio and they wouldn’t let me”, at the same time he does not want to be boxed which is a great thing.


On records like “Fire” and “Akpakokhaid comes through, “Fire” can become a Hit if properly pushed, records like “Blessed” and “Bad man” are just poor, they shouldn’t have the project, They are the weakest songs on the tape.


The biggest flaw in Khaid artistry is his lyricism, Lines “I’m Just 17 but I’ve got voices like Adele” absolutely makes no sense, that just one of such across this tape, he also finds it hard to stay on topic.

The production on this tape is fantastic, but fantastic production is just one of the necessities, not everything you need to deliver a fantastic project.

What Khaid needs right now is songwriters and an AnR to guide him, the talent is there, all he needs is someone to help him unlock it. Its understandable that the main aim of this tape is to showcase Khaid and his abilities, but more can be done, This writer also feels like Khaid does not have a team, because the track listing is just poor, starting the project with the previously released singles does not feel right, and does not aid the cohesion of this project, it should have been




With you


Bad Man

As stated earlier, This boy has talent and can become one of Nigeria’s Trap stars, all he needs is guidance. This writer is rooting heavily for him.


Toprise Global rating:- 2.5/5

Written By: Philemon Jacob

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