The Sarkin Fulani of Igangan in Ibarapa Local Government Area of Oyo State, Seriki Salihu, Abdul Kadir, has blamed the Oyo state police order for complicity in the assault of Mr. Sunday Adeyemo on his properties last Friday.

The Octogenarian, a Fulani man, local of Ilorin in Asa nearby government region of Kwara state said that the assailants would have met vacancy in his space as he would have fled with his families and other significant properties before their appearance if the police had not beguiled him.

… Urges FG To Probe Destruction of his properties he put at N500m.

Says 7 of his Relations were killed..2 Corpses Still Missing.

Seriki Abdul Kadir who tended to a question and answer session in Ilorin, in this manner, encouraged the national government to mediate in the demolition of his properties, which included 11 extraordinary vehicles, 207 cows, his structures, and different properties that, adding up to N500m annihilated by Mr. Sunday Adeyemo and his kin and carry culprits of the wrongdoing to book.

He said, “Scarcely any days to the time the demolition would occur after Sunday Igboho had given me a final offer, the police went to my place and disclosed to me that I shouldn’t stress since Sunday Igboho won’t complete his danger or do anything to me.

It is on this strength that I lose on the grounds that I accept the police. “In the event that I realized that Sunday Igboho would come and assault us the manner in which he did, I would have left with all my relatives and properties in harmony and they would have met void houses to pulverize.”

Abdulkadir, who separated in tears throughout tending to writers while describing how seven of his relations were executed additionally denied scheming with criminals working in the zone as asserted.

He further prevented any information about the execution from getting one Dr. Aborode focusing on that all the charges against him were composed by Sunday Igboho with the sole reason for getting the Fulani out of Igangan and different pieces of Yoruba land.

I and my family have been living in Igangan for more than 50 years with no difficulties from anyone either in Igangan or some other spots,” Abdul Kadir clarified.

He, consequently, approached the Emirs and other customary rulers in the 19 northern states to act the hero of the Fulani inhabitants in the South-West. He similarly approached the national government to test the consumption of his home, vehicles, and the killing of seven of his men in Igangan by supposed specialists of Sunday Igboho. Abdul Kadir added:”

At the point when a Fulani kid named Omomogeto was accounted for to me that he assaulted somebody, I advised the vigilante to capture the Fulani kid.

At the point when he was captured, I examined the issue and found that he submitted the offense, I gave him over to the group of the person in question. Additionally, a young woman was assaulted by an indigene of Igangan a year ago to the degree that the young woman kicked the bucket in Igangan, nothing was really a man who assaulted the young woman.

There was no instance of ranch decimation answered to me that I didn’t send individuals to proceed to take a gander at the homestead that was obliterated. I found that it’s actual, I will arrange for the Fulani to pay cash to the ranchers; i.e the Agoro family in Igangan and some more. I have a record where I’m recording the issues influencing the ranchers.

On the issue of executing one Dr. Aborode, I know nothing about it. Where Dr. Aborode was slaughtered is a long way from my town. It’s around two hours drive to my town; you will go through Igangan town before you get to where I am.

At long last, I need the central government to research this issue and anybody saw as liable should confront the law. My homes, 12 vehicles having a place with myself, my kids, and a few guests were scorched and seven of my kin were executed.

The bodies of two were yet to be found and a portion of my creatures was trucked away.”

He, be that as it may, said he probably won’t re-visitation of Igangan land he had lived for more than 50 years regardless of any mediation, as a result of the dread of conceivable assault by the occupants of Igangan. He said” given the trick by the police with the locals of Igangan, I and my kin won’t feel great getting back to Igangan.

We even discovered that the public authority had sent more than 200 Amotekun staff to the timberlands in Oyo. “Who will these Amotekun men meet in the timberlands other than the Fulani,” he logically inquired.

He reviewed that the connection between him and the individuals of Igangan turned sour when the locals lied against him to the ruler that he was plotting to take over Igangan lands from him and he trusted them.

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