Famous Nollywood entertainer and producer, Yomi Fabiyi, has said he just charmed Actress Bimpe Oyebade, also known as Mo Bimpe, and that he didn’t whenever to badger her as affirmed by the entertainer.

Fabiyi has been in the eye of the tempest for quite a while. Last week, the Theater Arts and Motion Pictures Practitioners Association of Nigeria suspended the entertainer endlessly over a film he created named, ‘Oko Iyabo.’ The film is accepted to be about the charge of lewd behavior of a minor evened out against another entertainer, Olanrewaju Omidina, otherwise known as Baba Ijesha.

In the midst of all that, Mo Bimpe claimed that Fabiyi quit projecting her in motion pictures since she would not yield to his advances.

The entertainer in a meeting with newsmen nonetheless expressed that being an entertainer didn’t imply that he was unable to have heartfelt sentiments. He said, “How could she get a significant job in one of my films? She never came to me to find out about motion pictures; she didn’t do any tryouts. I had effectively closed my tryout. She came to me as a fan and I chose to support her.”

He additionally noticed that Mo Bimpe was the person who violated him. He said, “She knows what she did that made me change towards her. I’m a grown-up and I am allowed to be physically drawn to anyone. In any event, I am grateful to God that she never said I constrained her. There isn’t anything that says that she has programmed jobs (in my films). I don’t have a clue about the sort of privilege she needs to figure she can generally highlight in my motion pictures. I will set aside an effort to clarify what she did.



The principal thing she did that made me change towards her was that I carried her into the business in 2015 and on the last day of the film shoot in 2015, she left and I didn’t focus on her until January 2019.

“In the middle of that, she had shot three motion pictures. I don’t have a clue about the sort of relationship she worked with my support, creation supervisor, and cinematographer. All I just heard was that she was arranging a creation behind me. What a dauntlessness.

I carried her into the business since I needed her to be extraordinary and known. I needed her to have a profession, anyway, for what reason would she say she was compromising? Toward the finish of the day, she called to reveal to me that she had some work for me. I disclosed to her that the individual she gave the work, she knew him through me since he was my creation supervisor. That was the reason I cut that individual off from my creation for eternity.

She seized every one of my ‘spines’ without talking with me. On the off chance that she had asked me, I would not have halted her. For what reason would you say you are taking what is yours? A few different things unfolded yet she can keep on tieing it around the way that she didn’t surrender to my lewd gestures.”

Fabiyi additionally expressed that physical allure was unique in relation to inappropriate behavior. He added, “Inquire as to whether she made lewd gestures to me and not the other way around. I didn’t see her first. She was the one that saw me. In addition, in the event that we made advances at one another, we are the two grown-ups. Interestingly, there was no power. Try not to make it look like since I am an entertainer, I don’t reserve an option to have feelings or sexual sentiments.

“Physical allure is not the same as lewd behavior. We need to teach these youngsters. We are discussing inappropriate behavior and she is looking at ‘toasting’. Is that not senseless?

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