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“I need to express this obviously, I am not the talking type or Social media interest free individual”

“Many have scrutinized the sort of young men and companions I have, as far as I might be concerned, I scarcely address anybody as my kid since we are all young men to God Almighty.

I don’t have any kid who is into ceremonies, in case you are my kid or my man since I like to address my young men as my rich people, it implies you are trying sincerely and you brought in your cash in a spotless way.

In 2013, I pushed 53 ignorant Oba young men into the market to pick up exchanging. In 2017, I pulled out every one of them from their Ogas and settled every one of them with 3million Naira each and paid for their shops.

I connected 40 of them into importation and made them utilize my name and stage to bring products into the country. Following two years, I minded them how they were doing and discover some had issues and I upheld them again to stand.

I’m cheerful today that out of the 53 men, 38 are tycoons while the rest are in the level of a mogul.

In 2018, I removed 100 instructed men from roads and acquainted them with the white men for business and today there are very rich people in dollars.

They additionally help me in their ability when I need their support. Every one of their companions both Nigeria and outside belittles me.

I’m into lodging and club business and I have such countless organizations I am brand envoys to.

I have partnership with soul beverages and wines, I am brand to numerous organizations on the planet.

It gives me happiness to see my men progress nicely, non of my inn administrators in Nigeria can little destitution, I urge them to raise others from their neighborhood networks. I have never sacked a specialist because of unfortunate behavior, I acquire you and address you the manner in which you will comprehend.

I have this arrangement that we ought to permit the difficult individuals to exist and collected individuals to exist and we utilize them when their necessities emerges.

I don’t have confidence in the matchless quality of force rather I trust in the toll portion of force and authority and permit everybody to feel had a place.

I have numerous uncountable individuals through my lodging business, I have empowered many, I have made a great deal of companions tycoons and very rich people since it gives me bliss. Seeing them toss cash around gives me satisfaction and they know, so whenever there are with me, they show such disposition of tossing cash to satisfy me.

Indeed, I will blessing 1 million to 300 Oba young men to fire up business and connection them up too to make it.

I have a great deal of companions and partners and we resemble siblings to one another. We cherish and energize each other in great and awful as you have found for my situation that every one of them came enormously to help me.

Pundits is ordinary and there will be there to say what they need to say yet when you are making the best choice, you don’t pay attention to what exactly individuals say. In the event that I have my direction, I will likewise help those censuring me.

A ton of non Obas will in any case profit with me since I am as yet occupied with making individuals incredible.

Cubana chief priest is my man and he is a sprightly individual. Individuals botch him for me, I am Obi Kubana and he is my Chief Priest I trust you comprehend it now.

I’m not into legislative issues and I don’t have interest in it till tomorrow. I regard those in legislative issues in light of the fact that dey convey power. Haha hahaha.

My recommendation is they ought to distinguish abilities and make them incredible, don’t have any dread of who double-crosses you tomorrow, simply make men and move, in the event that they recall great in case not be glad that they endured you.

I didn’t asked my young men/men for gifts or help, I didn’t likewise asked my companions for help or gifts they did that all alone and I liked their endeavors.

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