Applying for a UK visa in Nigeria is quite easy, only that people do not know the right steps to take and process to follow. You may be travelling to the UK for educational purposes, vacation or business meetings, in this post, you will find all the information on the processes to follow in acquiring a Visa to the UK.

First of all, you need to understand your purpose of travelling to the UK and how long you intend to stay in the UK, this will help you to define your travel and in turn know the kind of Visa you need to fit your travel purpose. There are different types of travel Visas, we will look in quite a number of them

Student Visa:- This is the kind of Visa you need when you are going for Educational purposes be it your under graduate degree program or post graduate degree programs, or even High school. There are three different types of Student Visa, they are
-Short term study visa for students that intend to for not more than six months.


-Tier four general students visa for students above sixteen years of age that intend to Study for in the united Kingdom.
-Parent of a tier four child visa for parents of a child studying in an independent school in the united Kingdom.

Standard Visitor Visa:- This visa is for people travelling to the united Kingdom for Tourism, Business, Appointments, Medical purposes.


This would allow you to stay in the United Kingdom for up to six months, you will be given a Single entry or multiple entry visa, a single entry visa will restrict you to entering the United Kingdom just once before the Visa expires while a multiple entry visa allows you to enter into the united Kingdom multiple times before the visa expires, you can also get a multiple entry visa that runs for up to ten years.

Marriage Visitor visa:- This is for People planning to get married in the United Kingdom or want to attend an event in the United Kingdom.

Permitted paid engagement visa:- This is for people who want to do specific paid jobs in the United Kingdom.

Eligibility for a UK visa

To apply for a UK visa successfully, you have to tick all the boxes, you must be eligible for application or else your application will be thrown out the window before it is even looked at.

-You must leave the UK at the end of your visit or at the expiry of your visa without being compelled by the authorities to do so.
-You must be able to fund and support your self and any one depending on you for the entirety of your stay in the UK
-You must be able to fund and bankroll your trip out of the United Kingdom and any of your expenses during your stay in the UK
-You must have a solid proof of whatever your purpose of travelling or visiting the UK
-Applicants from Nigeria may need to do a tuberculosis test.

Requirements for a UK visa

These are all the documents that you are supposed to have before applying for a UK visa, this applies to all types of visa. Her are all the documents you need,

An application form for UK visa filed on the internet, this form is to be filed on the GOV.UK website. More information on this will be provided towards the end of this explainer.

• A Valid ECOWAS travel passport:- This is the official travel document that validates travels within the sixteen ecowas countries and is necessary for international travels as well.

• A recent passport-sized photograph that is colored and taken on a white background. Its dimension should be 45mm by 35mm.

• A copy of the page of your passport data

• Original copy of marriage certificate for people who want to travel with their partners

• Original copies of the birth certificates for parents that intend to travel with their children.

• Original statement of account from your bank as a mean of financial proof. The Embassy or High commission need to be sure that you have the necessary financial capabilities to fund your trip or stay in the UK to avoid being a liability

-Details of hotel bookings as well as flight bookings:- This is also a form of proof that you can bankroll and fund your trips into the UK as well as your stay in the UK.

For People traveling to the UK for business or official purpose are to attach the following documents to their application

• An invitation letter:- This is a personal document you present to the High commission/Embassy sent to you by your host who is a citizen of the UK

• Contact numbers of your company

• Home address

Complete details of your company representative

The Application process

It is advised to apply for the visa three months before the date you intend to travel, this is to give the agencies and authorities enough time to process your application. Here are the steps to apply for a UK visa.

– You will visit the GOV.UK website to register, this website is where you will be able to select the type of visa you need,Find out the documents you need to prepare, completely fill out the application form online, make all the necessary payments, and finally book an appointment.

-Make payments for the type of Visa you want:- Paying the Visa fee is very important, Note that the fees are non refundable even if your application is rejected. The fees depends on how long you intend to stay in the UK. For more information, visit

-Book a Meeting:- You will receive a unique reference number after completing the aforementioned processes. You will then receive a mail containing information on the location of the meeting and the necessary documents you are to carry along to the meeting.

Ensure you attend the meeting:- Attend the meeting with all the documents stated in the mail. Note, only original copies of these documents will be accepted.

These are all the processes you need to follow when applying for a Visa to the UK. I’m very sure this will help you successfully apply for a UK visa with utmost ease. Good luck.


Written By: Philemon Jacob

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