As you go from Iyana Ipaja to Egbeda in Alimosho, Lagos State, Raji Oba Street is to one side. It is perhaps the most mainstream road nearby. It is the road that has the monumental complex of Bishop David Oyedepo’s Winner Chapel. There is a part of Diamond Bank near Moshalasi Bus Stop that prompts the road. It is a road that you can’t miss. Ha! Do you know the road? I revealed to you it’s a road you can’t miss.

Anyway, during the 1970s when this genuine biography started, there was no Raji Oba Street. There was no Winner Chapel building. There was no Diamond Bank. Truth be told, practically the entirety of what is currently perhaps the most thickly populated region in Lagos State was a backwoods. With the exception of some rustic settlements dissipated to a great extent, the whole Alimosho was a town.

So who was Raji Oba? For what reason was the road named after him? Is there a story behind the naming of the road after him? What happened that portentous night in 1975? Do you realize you can’t make eba without garri? To recount to you the account of Raji Oba, I should recount to you the tale of Ejigbadero.

Raji Oba’s story is Ejigbadero’s story. Ejigbade’s story is Raji Oba’s story. It was a story that shook the whole Lagos State to its establishment. My uncle who was then a youthful assessor disclosed to me that for quite a long time, a few groups were frightened of going to the space once it was dusk. Today, Onigegewura presents to you the narrative of Kiniun Baba Moradewun! Lion of Mushin! Jimoh Ishola Adeyemi! Ejigbadero! Gbadero! The Chairman!

Jimoh Ishola was seemingly one of the celebrities in Lagos of the 1960s and 1970s. He was rich. He was streetwise. He was known. He was associated. He was the sweetheart of artists of the day. One of the surest approaches to dispatch a melodic vocation then, at that point was to sing about Ejigbadero. Yusuf Olatunji (Baba Legba) dedicated a significant piece of his Volume 19 to praise him excitedly. Baba Commander, Ebenezer Obey, and His Inter Reformers Band praised him in his 1974 collection.

In case Nigeria was not under the military principle in the 1970s, Jimoh Ishola might have challenged and won an elective political position. He was that well known.

However Ejigbadero was not brought into the world in Lagos, he turned into the informal Lord Mayor of Lagos city. Jimoh hailed from Oja-Oba Quarters in Ibadan, Oyo State. He accompanied his uncle to Lagos as a young fellow to get familiar with a business. On his appearance in Lagos, he immediately moved on from an understudy to an organization proprietor.

At the point when he fused his organization, Jimsol Nigeria Limited, he was not happy with simply being known as the Managing Director. Everyone in Lagos was MD. Gbadero should be unique. He styled himself the Chairman and Chief Executive of the nail-producing organization. His office and production line were at Matori in Mushin Lagos. Yusuf Olatunji was the artist welcome to the organization’s opening. With his sákárà and móló vibrating behind the scenes, Baba Legba lauded Gbadero to the high sky. Overnight, Olatunji’s guttural “Gbadero Ishola di Chairman! Omo Adeyemi!” turned into the public song of praise. Ejigbadero was the Chairman.

Nail producing was anyway not Ishola’s just work. Throughout the long term, Kiniun Baba Moradewun had obtained notoriety as a vendor in landed properties. He purchased land. He sold houses. On the off chance that you required somebody to ensure your landed advantages, Ejigbadero was your man. On the off chance that somebody powerfully assumed control over your territory, Abibatu’s better half was your smartest choice. On the off chance that your own advantage was to assume control over somebody’s property, Baba Gani was the individual you expected to see.

Ejigbadero was known to the police. He was recognizable to the adjudicators as a lasting disputant. Furthermore, something inquisitive with regards to his court appearances is that he was never an offended party. He was consistently the respondent. He was famous with attorneys. At a point, he was rumored to know the criminal code more than certain attorneys. He used to ‘encourage’ his legal advisor to refer to area 45 subsection 3 rather than segment 33 subsection 1 that the legal counselor needed to refer to. He had done what’s needed cases to make him a Senior Advocate in case he was called to the Bar.

In 1975, Ejigbadero went with his young men to clear his territory in Alimosho Village. The land was brimming with cocoa and kola nut trees. Recollect that I revealed to you that Alimosho was a town during the 1970s. The land we are discussing isn’t one plot or two plots. It was a huge space of land. At the point when the townspeople saw their financial trees going down, they tested Jimoh Ishola and his young men. The Lord Mayor educated the locals that he had bought the land during the 1970s. Bought? Which Land? From whom? For what amount? Who saw the exchange? Who gathered the cash? These and more were the inquiries the locals were tossing at Ejigbadero who was smoothly inclining toward his strolling stick.

The locals would not permit Eji and his young men to keep on dealing with the land. The Boys took a gander at their Boss. They were sitting tight for the sign. The strolling stick was the sign. This was not the first occasion when they would be tested over a package of land and they realized it wouldn’t be the last. They realized that once Ejigbadero stepped on any land, the land should turn into his. Eji resembled a snail. Ìgbín tenu mo igi o firearm! Any tree snail contact should be climbed. Eji grinned at the group. It was anything but a cordial grin. The Boys looked eager. Rather than Eji raising the strolling stick, he turned around. The Boys followed him, their mistake was evident.

The residents yelled after the withdrawing figures. “We wear win! We wear win. You want to simply take our property like that. Never! Never!” Some of them were anyway not yelling. They realized that the retreat of Ejigbadero was not an acquiescence. They realized that he would be back. The Chairman was not the one to flee from a battle. The Boss was a vulture, a patient bird.

They recollect what befallen Okuwobi in 1962. Ejigbadero had educated his young men that he was searching for a purchaser for one of his properties. He guaranteed them a liberal commission. The young men got down to business. Okuwobi showed an interest in the structure. It was a structure under development. Okuwobi followed through on a piece of the concurred buy cost. It concurred that the equilibrium would be paid upon consummation.

Okuwobi gathered receipts and started to fantasy about turning into a landowner in Lagos. He was thinking about whether to paint the house blue or dim. Or on the other hand green, or cream. He at last settled on white. He had heard that the authority home of the American president was the White House. It was then that a companion disclosed to him that the house, his home, had been offered to another person. Okuwobi didn’t know whether he strolled or traveled to Mushin. He yelled. He undermined. Ejigbadero was unaffected. Okuwobi answered the police. He was encouraged to go to court. He went through over 10 years in court.

The residents realized that they should move quickly on the off chance that they would not like to go through 10 years in court. At that point, the closest police post was at Agege. They went to Agege Police Station to make a report of vindictive harms to property against Ejigbadero. As they were composing their assertions, the Chairman himself showed up with his young men. He had come to hold up a report of trespass against the locals who entered his property without his consent. The cops were befuddled. They endeavored to expedite a quiet settlement. No chance. Ejigbadero needed his property. The locals needed their property. Who then, at that point was the proprietor of the land?

The police guaranteed the fighting gatherings that the case would be examined. They were approached to proceed to keep up with the harmony.

Raji Oba was one of the townspeople. He was however daring as he might have been vocal. He was not scared of Ejigbadero and he confronted him directly. In any event, when Ejigbadero took steps to kill him, the danger was met with a jeer. “Igbá ni won n dad, enikan kii dad àwo” was his answer. He was sure that no one but calabash could be crushed with the foot, nobody would dare drop a plate.

Police examination or no police examination, Ejigbadero was not the one to avoid the land. Raji Oba had completed work on the ranch for the afternoon. He was nearly at home when he was educated that the Chairman was around with his hooligans who he normally portrayed as his laborers. Raji turned around. Mama fi oko mi se ona, ojo kan ni a n dekun re. Not set in stone that he planned to stop the land grabber that day. He was trailed by a portion of the townspeople who had likewise heard the news.

They met Ejigbadero on the land. His young men were cutting cocoa trees with savage assurance. Kolanut trees were not being saved all things considered. Raji Oba erupted. A major battle emitted. Ejigbadero stood like a stone. He was directing his young men to offer it to the residents like a military general. In the wide-open that followed, Ejigbadero considered his to be as Raji Oba moved near him. In a second he had wounded him. Raji didn’t see the blade, however, he felt the blood moving from his eyebrow. Obviously, Jimoh Ishola was focusing on his eye. “Mo Ku o!” The residents heard the distress in the voice of their chief and raced to his guide.

They took him to the medical clinic and from that point to the police headquarters. They made a report of a criminal attack and endeavored murder against Ishola. Police guaranteed a constant examination. In any case, it appeared to the residents that the police at Agege had a place with the Lion of Mushin.

Back at his base in Mushin, Ejigbadero was unsettled. He had anticipated that the villagers should set up the standard weak obstruction. He had arranged how to repress them. All things considered, ‘ibeji kii se akopa aje’. Killing twins is certifiably not another thing to a witch. In any case, he had not normal the hardened resistance he met in Alimosho. He knew the reason for the issue. It was Raji Oba. What sort of Oba would he say he was that he would stop Ejigbadero, Kiniun Baba Moradewun?

Baba Fatai, your food is prepared.” Ejigbadero turned upward. It was his most youthful spouse, Ramota. However he was not especially eager, he would not like to disappoint the pregnant lady. He advised her to bring the food. At seeing the eager mother, a thought began to frame in his brain. He grinned. Ramota thought her better half was partaking in the dinner. She was satisfied.

It was in the period of August 1975 that Lagos group of friends heard the news it had been waiting.Ramota, Ejigbadero’s better half had been taken care of. Socialites realized what’s in store. It would have been an excellent event. It would have been a collection of Lagos’ who. It would have been the party of the century. Also, it was a Friday! TGIF!

Consistent with the assumption, Ejigbadero didn’t extra any costs for the naming function. Food was in overabundance. Wines supplanted water. Performers were rivaling themselves on the bandstand. The visually impaired mentioned being directed to the event. The weak crept. Ejigbadero and his four spouses were wearing away befitting a ruler and his Oloris. They were an exhibition to observe.

Sabitu Oba was Raji Oba’s better half. She was returning from the market when she saw Ejigbadero and his young men. A lady was in their midst. She was stunned to see the Chairman. They had heard in the town that his better half had conveyed a child and that the day was the naming function. She was thinking about what sort of man would pass on his child’s naming function to go to the town. Indeed, that is his business, she thought.

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