Gorimapa Gangsta is an impressive introduction to Loti

Gorimapa Gangsta


I was going through the Top new music playlist on Boom play when I came across a song titled “Gidi Girls”, Scrolling downwards, I came across another record titled ” Emo thug” from the same album and artist. I just decided to check out the project since it was getting heavy play listing on Boom play and that’s a decision I have not regretted, the project happens to be my favorite release from last Friday’s new music releases. Gorimapa gangsta is my first experience of Loti, I had never heard of him or his mucic until last Friday and what a way to introduce himself, Gorimapa gangsta is one of the best projects that dropped last week. Across Six records, Loti touches themes of Love, Heartbreak, and Problematic women. Loti strength is a ability to craft simple but brilliant lyrics relatible to Gen Zs and deliver them with gusto. He also has a great ear for beats.

The big fish produced “Wagwan” opens the project, its a stellar RnB number, it is a slow burner, you may not appreciate it at first listen, but at second and continous listens, it hits you hard. Loti problematic woman have turned him into an “Emotional thug”, at this point he doesn’t want to fall in love.
“Ridin Solo” is my favorite record on this project, the way he rides on this smooth amapiano beat is brilliant, The Hook is brilliant, this has all the markings of a Hit song, if pushed well, it can become a hit. On “Distance” Loti, cries out for his space, He needs space to focus on his music and money at the same time assuring her his love for her is intact, all he needs is time and space to focus on his craft. “Gidi girls” is a perfect description of the average Gen Z girl, Drugs, Pictures, clout, attention, money, Designer drips. This is the weakest song on the project, Topically, its brilliant, Sonically, it does not match the quality of the other records on this project. The introspective “Main land” closes the tape, he talks about his grind, how he has waited for his opportunity and where he is from “the trenches”, and how he was oppressed by his friends who had already made it. his flow scheme in the second verse is admirable.
Gorimapa Gangsta is showcases the best of Loti, His range is admirable, while RnB is his Forte, he is still able to deliver on an Amapiano record like ” Ridin Solo” and an Hyperpop/Trap record like “Gidi Girls”.
The project starts really slow and that can be a turn off for a regular listener, the projects picks up at track three which is a Bop. “Wagwan” is a great record, but you only appreciate it on further listens. Loti also has a problem staying on topic, on “Emo Thug”, there is a big difference in topic between the first verse and the Hook, “Wagwan” also encounters the same issues. The featured acts did nothing to elevate the record they were featured on, Loti might have just Rode solo across the six songs. That aside, Gorimapa Gangsta is an impressive introduction to Loti.

Toprise Global rating 3.5/5

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