If you’re familiar with Nigerian music, then you must have listened to License by Vector.


The viper as he is fondly called is one of Nigeria’s hip hop legends, but on license, he switched it up, rather than spitting bars, he went for melodies and calmer but striking lyrics, one of them was “DON’T WORRY, JUST BE HAPPY, E GET MANY THINGS WAY DAY HOLD MAN DOWN“.


In Nigeria today, it’s hard to find what would really make you happy, everything is really hard, I mean eggs go for one hundred Naira(as at the time this article is penned), I mean eggs used to be sold for thirty Naira.


Asuu is planning on going on a nationwide strike, and as a student, am scared, COVID-19 already stole one year, any other strike and I may just have to leave school.

Everything is hard in Nigeria, not just Nigeria though, the world staying and living happy is also a problem, forget what people say or show on social media, people are sad and depressed.

Recently Former Miss USA Cheslie Kryst passed away, medical examinations show it was from suicide, I read a Facebook user say that he checked through her TikTok and one wouldn’t notice she was passing throughout a lot, I mean for someone to contemplate suicide and even go through with it, then that person must have passed through a lot.


People contemplate suicide every day, majority go through with it, they mask it with smiling faces, and you think all is alright, but it’s not. Happy people right now are quite rare, it doesn’t take a lot to be happy, all you need is to follow these secrets am about to share with you

1)Stop Drugs, Alcohol and smoking – Being high or drunk doesn’t make you happy, a bottle of beer does not guarantee your happiness, in fact you’re putting yourself at risk health wise and financially. Health wise, smoking is bad for the lungs, it affects your breathing and your brain, every time you smoke, you injure your lungs, and at one point it’s going to give up on you, your brain is also injured, the smoke particles you inhale finds a way to your brain and messes with it, that’s why you feel high, but when those particles keep messing with your brain, your brain is one day going to give up, and that leads to insanity, I’ve never seen a mad person who is happy.


Financially, you’re going to be in debt, if you continue believing that smoking, drinking and drugs are the keys to your happiness, you’re going to continue spending on them, and once you’re out of funds you’d either borrow or as we know it in Nigeria, collect them on credit just to satisfy ourselves, and before you know it, you’re owing more that you can handle, any cash you get would either be to buy more drugs or pay debt, you’d be broke, and being doesn’t make one happy, its make you even sad.


2) Get off social media – Social media can be very harmful for your health, most times it can be a great help, some other times, it can be very dangerous. It is scientifically proven that staying off social media will make you happier than a six-figure passive income will, and that not a lie. Social media is filled with people whose lives are lies, people who fake being rich for clout, audience and engagement, you see a person who on social media has three cars and five houses but in real life, they squat with friends and don’t even have a bicycle talk less of a car, you on the other hand compare yourself with that lair and cheat which makes you feel bad about yourself.


Comparing yourself with these fraudster is detrimental to your health. Staying off social media keeps you in tune with the real world, where people have a hard time faking anything.


3)Find a Purpose – Finding your purpose and following it will always make you happy, this means you keep doing what you love and that brings happiness, most times, doing what you love brings money and when your bank account is solid your pocket is fat, you’re always going to be happy, always.


4) Live everyday like it’s your last – If you were told today is your last day on the earth, how would you spend it, how would you utilize the final 24 hours of your life. Answer that question and do them now and continuously, exactly how you will if it’s your last day in this world.


Spend your time doings the things you love, appreciating yourself rather than comparing yourself with someone else. Listen to that album you haven’t found time to, watch that movie you’ve always wanted to see, go to the park, the beach. Just spend everyday like it’s your last.


5) Become financially free – Look money rules the world, do not let anyone deceive you. If you’re always in debt, then I assure you, you are always going to be quite sad, when you spend all your money seeking validation from people and conforming to social conditioning, then your life is going to be miserable, spend your money wisely, use your money to free up time, and you’ll be very happy.


I’m sure these tips help you in becoming a happier person, if you’ve got any more tips, feel free to connect and share with us, we appreciate every feed back we get.

By Philemon Jacob

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