Simba Group has said it will keep on advancing National President of the Middle Belt Forum, Dr. Bitrus Pogu, in this meeting with JAMES ABRAHAM, clarifies the outcomes of the rising uncertainty in the country

Is it accurate to say that you are alright with the security circumstance in the country?

No one in his correct brain is OK with the security circumstance in this country, especially someone like me who is from Chibok people group, Borno State, North-East where killings, capturing for emancipate, devastation of individuals’ homes and their homesteads have become an everyday event. This thing(insecurity) began in the North-East and it has spread to the entire country and no one is agreeable. Indeed, even individuals in Abuja where I am right now are not laying down with their two eyes shut on the grounds that no one realizes what will occur before very long since Nasarawa State where Boko Haram agitators are pulling together as affirmed as of late by the state lead representative is simply nearby to Abuja. The Southern Kaduna is likewise nearby Abuja. Venturing out to Kogi State isn’t protected. In the event that you travel from Kaduna, something very similar. Wherever has been plagued with instability and realizing what is presently occurring in the South-West, except if the individual is anything but a Nigerian, he can’t be OK with the security circumstance in Nigeria since no place is alright for the residents.

Has the public authority tended to the threat of the herders adequately?

The public authority has consistently spoiled the herders from one assault after the other. Since the current organization came in, it seems the casualties of these assaults are the ones the public authority follows. At the point when these things were occurring consistently in Plateau State which at that point came to Benue State and afterward to Taraba and back to Plateau, Southern Kaduna other than comparative happenings in the North East which have become typical issues the individuals had lived with, the reaction of the public authority and the Presidency has consistently been nothing confirmed as to the herders. For example, when individuals were slaughtered in huge numbers in Benue State in 2018, we were astounded to hear the President saying something telling the state lead representative and the individuals of Benue to figure out how to live with their neighbors. How would you live with your executioners?. Thus, the present circumstance has proceeded even as the casualties are generally captured and no aggressors are not captured. In this way, the entire thing is even slanted against the people in question. Individuals are executed by the herders. They are driven out of their homes, mixes, settlements, ranches, and compelled to remain in IDP camps while the aggressors, the herders move around unreservedly. You will see some with their cows and others without them, however with weapons and no one secures them. So, the public authority is seen by eyewitnesses as really making the presence of the culpability of the herdsmen. But when wrongdoing is submitted and isn’t rebuffed, it definitely proceeds and that is what’s going on in the country in light of the fact that the herders have not been rebuffed nor the offenders arrested. From the north, they have now gone toward the South. Along these lines, the demeanor of the public authority needs to change in any case, the circumstance will proceed with unabated

Everywhere in the country, herders obliterated individuals’ homesteads, assaulted ladies, and hijacked. On the off chance that all these are not checked, what are the conceivable ramifications?

Surely, we are moving towards a situation that worked out in the Central African Republic when the native individuals got tired and ascended to the circumstance and managed a hit to the Fulani. The CAR experience is like the one in Nigeria. In CAR, the Fulani assumed control over all critical situations in government, the military, and in different places and began doing what’s going on now in Nigeria. Native individuals got exhausted, coordinated themselves, and released retaliation on the Fulani. The story is currently history however the Fulani were crushed and kicked out. The CAR is a little spot contrasted and Nigeria regarding populace and indigenes. In the event that these things get to a level when Nigerians are completely exhausted be it Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba, and as it occurs in Zamfara, Kastina; Middle Belt regions, the South-South, and the South-West, it will arrive at a phase where there will be an unconstrained reaction to the hostility and Fulani control will be history. I would have cherished them to reason and realize that this the bearing we are going to. In any case, lamentably, they figure mistakenly that they can accomplish whatever they have set for themselves to accomplish. It is somewhat grievous however what I can advise them is to tune in to savvy counsel since I can guarantee the Fulani and the individuals who are herders and sad ones who are harmony cherishing among them that the executioner herders will lead them to annihilation. At the point when that occurs, they will lose everything. I just supplicate that they will tune in to shrewd advice and stop the continuous culpability in the country.

In Ogun State, troopers administered herders, from different nations whose animals were pulverizing individuals’ ranches. What’s more, ranchers that voiced resistance were beaten. Is this not a sign that the herders have the sponsorship of the Federal Government?

We in the Middle Belt have consistently cried and said that when they presented the cows settlement or ruga or whatever the strategy is called when Audu Ogbeh was the Minister of Agriculture, we have consistently said that these herders getting across our territory are outsiders and not Nigerians. Around then, we kicked against the entire exercise be it state or ruga since we know our native Fulani and if there must be such an approach, it needs to include the individuals. What’s more, we clarified that the best approach is farming as opposed to rehearsing some sort of seventeenth and eighteenth-century method of raising steers which makes clashes. Yet, the Federal Government kept on pushing these arrangements that are not adequate; that make clashes and keep on being a thistle in the substance of all other Nigerians. We accept that everything is being offered to kindness the Fulani and we kept telling the public authority that this thing won’t work in the 21st century in light of the fact that the cutting edge method of animal farming is farming. However, the public authority can’t and permitted these individuals to wander wherever to make issues. Curiously, most of the individuals who wander around don’t have cows. Those found in the backwoods, what number of them were found with groups of cows? They come around and assault individuals, execute them and vanish into the shrubbery. From that point, the ones who have steers presently surface and involve the spot. So it is a planned assault that they complete. We have said it before that it lands snatching and that’s it. On the off chance that the public authority isn’t giving them backing, they wouldn’t do what they are doing effectively without getting caught this while.

Other West African nations especially Ghana, Togo, and Benin have restricted open touching. For what reason is the Federal Government reluctant?

It is on the grounds that they have a plan. The plan isn’t simply permitting cows to move around uninhibitedly and nibble in the old conventional manner, to me and we inside the Middle Belt, they have a plan of land snatching, changing of demography since all these unfamiliar Fulani moving around under the appearance of West African conventions is intentional. They are assembling from any remaining pieces of West Africa and even Central Africa to come and possess our territory utilizing Federal Government strategy and afterward expanding their populace for political purposes and mastery.

Has Nigeria dealt with ECOWAS conventions well especially all things considered?

On the off chance that the Federal Government has dealt with it well, there would not have been the difficulty we are in at this point. Ghana is important for ECOWAS. Togo and others are portions of ECOWAS and they realize that that opportunity of individuals is ensured under the convention yet seeing the security of their nations being undermined, they needed to ascend to the circumstance and manage what’s going on. The sort of thing occurring in Nigeria would not occur in Ghana since they won’t endure it. Lamentably, we have an administration that isn’t just enduring it, however, reassuring it also.

You referenced that Ghana wouldn’t endure what’s going on in Nigeria. For what reason did you say as much?

There was a period the President (of Ghana) halted that. The issue here is that for this nation to endure this sort of thing, it implies that the administration (Nigerian government) is inert on the side of what the Ghanaian President said he would not endure: Cows proceeding onward the roads like Nigeria. It was broadly revealed even by our nearby media. What do you make out of that? In any case, the circumstance is diverse here in Nigeria. Indeed, even in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, now and then you will see cows on the streets obstructing the free development of individuals. That sort of thing occurring in Nigeria would not occur in Ghana since they won’t endure it. Lamentably, we have an administration that isn’t just enduring it, however, promising it too.

For what reason are Fulani herders from different nations are marching into the country? Is it in light of the fact that a Fulani man is the President?

There should be an impetus in light of the fact that for someone to contend that desertification is pursuing Fulani toward the south of Sahara is definitely not a satisfactory proclamation to clarify the circumstance. There should be a motivator from the public authority to urge these Fulani to troop into the country. Like I disclosed to you before, a considerable lot of these Fulani marching into the nation don’t have cows. Some of them when they come in even attempt to scare the nearby Fulani by stirring their steers. The plan is to change demography, populating Nigeria with their kin in zones where they have little impact with the aim to enslave the locals and assume control over their territories and making Nigeria their province in the 21st century. Allow them to see the risk of what they are doing on the grounds that the individuals will one day oppose such a get in all cases since it won’t work.

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