Bayanni debut is impressive, but not the full package (Album Reviews)


Formally known as Zhenoboy, Bayanni has gone from a viral super star to being signed to the number one record label in Africa. His self titled Bayanni is supposed to be a proper introduction to his artistry and sound. But on this one, Mavins try not to over do it with this one, it seems this project is a teaser, something to wet the appetite of the intended audience. Rema’s Debut EP is what i call “Range on steriods, he was allowed to experiment and stretch his talents as wide as possible, creating a four track monster where no song sounded the same. With Bayanni, there are no surprises, Nothing to truly blow you away, just regular music. Don’t get me twisted, its good music, but Mavins have set the bar for their releases so high with Rema and Ayra Starr’s Debut releases that their newer acts habe failed to reach or surpass.
The Heavy introspective responsibility inspired “Family” opens the project, it starts with the cliche mother’s prayer. The record examines hardship, responsibility. The song is relatable to the average Nigerian, Its very relatable. The High life inspired “Body” has similar drum patterns to Wizkid and maphorisa’s “Soweto Baby”. The production of this song supersedes everything else, Andre did a madness on this one. ” Ta Ta” is the best song on this EP, The record is filled with sexual innuendos, it is sensual, profane and drives emotions. The delivery of this record is impeccable. The Second verse is a proper madness. This is the Zenith of this tape. I want to hear a Ruger verse on this song.
The Amapiano influenced “Kala” closes the EP, it is a forgettable record, they saved the weakest for the last. The only saving grace is that before this record, you will habe found satisfaction from track one to three.
Like I said earlier, Nothing truly blows your mind. Nonetheless, it is a good tape, its not bad for a debut release. The potential and talent is there to see, but the full package is not on display with this one.

TopriseGlobal rating – 2.5/5

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