ATOM EP is everything Magixx{ Review}

Atom ep
Atom ep

Magixx is one the most vocally blessed artistes in the game right now, his greatest strengths is his vocal range and he understands how to properly apply it. On ATOM Ep, Magixx utilizes all of his strengths and combines it relatable lyricism to create beautiful music. On very minimalist production, Magixx is able utilize his vocal range to bring his records to life and make them so enjoyable.

The beautiful “All over” sees Magixx glides on the simple afro pop sequence and laces it with simple penetrating lyricism to sway oroma his love interest. This is such a beautiful record.
“Weekenjoyment” is cut from 90’s high life and afrobeat is a scatter brained record and the weakest song on this EP, on the record, Magixx attempts to create an avenue for escapism while making socio political references, chiming in braggadocio and appreciating his woman body, the chorus is not good enough.
“Shaye” the lead single is Magixx attempt at a smash hit, it follows the Asake formula and is a combination of everything Magixx, minimalist production, simple lyrics and great vocals.
“Forever” is the best song on this EP and has the potential to be a wedding party smash hit, if pushed correctly, Magixx can secure wedding bags with this one, it’s such a good record.
“Weekenjoyment” in my opinion should not have made this tape, “Chocolate” should have replaced it, Mavins lost the plot with that record, same way they lost it with Crayons “Kpano”, this EP would have brought more people into the knowledge of that record, first of all the record was poorly marketed, putting it on this EP would have open up the record and given it a second chance and also help the cohesion of this EP, “Weekenjoyment” feels off. At the end of the day, ATOM EP is everything Magixx, the boy can sing.

TopriseGlobal ratings- 3.5/5


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